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Product Review: Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip Front Waders

July 16, 2014

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OK, so the waders that I had been sporting for the last 3 years finally gave up the ghost.  Which is pretty impressive thinking how much I fish, and how much water they were in.  They were William Joseph WST waders, and they just tapped out.  As much as I loved them, I figured it […]

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Product Review: Korkers Whitehorse Boots

May 2, 2014


The time had come.  Shoe goo couldn’t hold together the remnants of my Willy J’s anymore and I had to break down and buy some new boots.  After asking around to some trusted sources, the verdict was in, it was time that I owned some Korkers.  After some dubious research and mental anguish and turmoil […]

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Look What is ‘Loon’ing

January 4, 2013

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Loon Outdoor Products I was browsing one of my more favorite Fishing sites Le Mouching and came across a bunch of cool videos from Loon Outdoor Products.  I’ve used their Top Ride with success, but never spent the time to use their other cool products. These videos were a big help. And since many of […]

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There are Men and Then There are Sportsmen!

October 26, 2012


Fly Fishing Products If this doesn’t make you want to buy Rio Products then something is serious wrong! Our Buddy Marc Crapo breaks it down! Beard on RIO Products from Marc Crapo on Vimeo.

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VestPac Giveaway

September 9, 2012


VestPac Gear

Here is another giveaway for you.  We are going to giveaway one of VestPac’s “DriftPacs”.  I came upon VestPac a couple years ago at the International Sportsman’s Expo in SLC and loved their products.  I loved what they had because I am all about going out on the river light.  Most of the time I don’t […]

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Weapon of Choice

June 28, 2012

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Fly Fishing Rods #imagoflyfishing Everyone has their favorite weapon when out on the water.  Matter of fact, it seems like some of the big boys are constantly one upping the other with a high end fly fishing rod.  From the Orvis Helios (awesome rod) to Sage’s claim that they have the ONE, we see a […]

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Best Of The Best

May 16, 2012


trouthunter tippet

I was out of town last week on business and whenever I fly I always get a handful of magazines to read during flight and lay over’s.  I picked up a couple fly fishing mags in the group and read some awesome articles.  Out of all the articles I read the most interesting one was […]

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Increasing Your Net

April 6, 2012


fly fishing nets

Fly Fishing Gear Here is a great article about a company in Bozeman Montana that is making high end nets. From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Mike Greener Blue Ribbon Nets net builder Mark Klette works on smoothing out the inner edges of a new Guide Boat fishing net at the workshop near Four Corners Thursday […]

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Gear Review

April 15, 2009


Review by Travis “Dr” Gillespie – xstreamoutdoors.blogspot.com I don’t know about the rest of the world, but every fly fishermen I have ever met likes to take pictures and usually has a little point and shot camera with them on every trip. One of the great things about having a camera is to, 1 show […]

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