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Head Shots

May 18, 2015


fly fishing provo river

Been fishing lately on the Provo River warming up this years Fly Fishing Frenzy.  This will mark the Fifteenth aniversiary of the us buddies getting together for a week to fly fish.  This year will be epic fishing up in Idaho and Montana.  Here are the pics from this last weeks spoils from the Provo.

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Loop Gear on the Provo River

February 12, 2013


fly fishing loop gear

This past week I was able to meet up with some good friends on the Provo River to test out some awesome LOOP gear.  It was a rowdy bunch lead by Shane Wootan, which provided all the LOOP gear.  We also had the Outsmartingfish crew Grant Bench, Nathan Leavitt and Derek Olthuis. This past few […]

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Annual Freeze Your Ass Off on the Provo Day

January 17, 2013


The annual Freeze Your Ass Off on the Provo will be Saturday, January 19th, somewhere on the Middle Provo. Organized byUtahOnTheFly.com. The plan is to meet at the Hub Cafe in Heber City around 8am for some breakfast. From there we will be heading over to the river….location TBD. If you want to attend and […]

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Provo Hooker

September 6, 2012


Provo River Fly Fishing

Been fishing the Provo River Hooker a ton lately so I wanted to share some of my pics.  A couple months ago Collin Carlson sent me sample of his fly and I just started to fish it.  This fly with a couple other flies is becoming my favorite to fish.  The way it acts in […]

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Provo River Fishing Report

February 2, 2012

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higas sos fly

Here is a quick river report from Kyle Brooks on the Lower Provo River.  I met Kyle a bit ago when I went up to Falcons Ledge for a fly tying retreat.  Kyle is an amazing fly tier and a great still water fisherman. River Report: Weather: 40 degrees and sunny. I fished the section […]

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Lower Provo River Report

June 16, 2011


I don’t give many reports but I went out fishing on the Lower Provo River and wanted to vent some frustration and give a report on the water level and fishing.  The water level is a bit above what the mid summer flows are usually.  The Clarity right now is good as long as you stay […]

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Winter on the Provo River

December 4, 2010


Picture of the week.  Winter fishing on the Provo River.

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One Hour on the Provo River

November 26, 2009


I hadn’t been up on the Provo River for while and a few days ago in the afternoon I ended up talking to the “Dr” and we both wanted to go fish but we only had an hour or so.  An hour is plenty of time, right? I took some video of our very short […]

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Pictures of the week

August 7, 2009

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Some shots of a nice brown I caught on the Provo River last week.

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This is why I fish throughout the winter

April 14, 2009


I went up on the Provo River on Friday to hit the Blue Wing Olive hatch and almost turned around to come home. As I headed past Vivian Park I started to see cars in almost every turn out spot. Usually when I am heading up to the river for just a couple hours I […]

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Epic Day

March 8, 2009


Here is another great post from the Frenzy’s own Travis “Dr” Gillespie.  Travis writes is own blog called Xstream Outdoors and allows us to share his posts, check it if you haven’t. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to find myself on the Provo River with friends along with one of the best midge hatches I […]

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Are cutthroats against getting their picture taken?

February 28, 2009


This past week I was up in Missoula on business and of course had my fly rod and gear just in case I had time to hit anyone of the amazing waters there. I did have my heart set on fly fishing Rock Creek in Montana due to the fact that over the past year […]

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