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What Would You, or Have You Missed to go Fishing?

November 7, 2014

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Ok, here is a great question to test the limits of our addiction/passion…. What are you willing to bag out on in order to go fishing? What have you bagged out on to go fishing? Let’s make this a top five list….  starting with the most obvious. 5)  WORK/School – who hasn’t called in sick, […]

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Jason’s Top 5 (for the moment) Bucket List of Fish on the Fly

August 8, 2014


Ok, we all have our bucket list, and mine changes and grows and changes, but these 5 fish have been on and off the list for the last decade, and so I thought I would share, and also share some of the youtube vids that fuel this hunger…. #5) Tarpon This is only #5, because […]

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6 Notable Fly Fishing Instagrammers

June 16, 2014


As I am sure, most of you are, we are drawn in to good photography.  There are 1000’s of instagrammers out there taking pics of their fishing exploits.  Here are 6 that have always caught my eye whether its because of their artistic elements, or just the incredible fish they catch and document.  There is […]

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Top 5 Fly Fishing Blogs

December 18, 2011


Fly Fishing Blogs We’ve decided to take a risk and see if we can’t come up with the top 5 Fly Fishing Blogs on the internet today.  Now, we obviously think our blog here at Fly Fishing Frenzy is tops, but for this post we wanted to share the love. Here are the criteria we […]

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Top 5 Fall Flies

November 4, 2011


fly fishing frenzy higa's sos fly

Here is my list of my top 5 Fall flies.  I had a list of 10 but I figured I would narrow it down to 5 because out of the 10 I used these 5 flies 90% of the time in the Fall.  There are obvious factors that for this list and the number reason […]

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Want to Get Started In Fly Fishing? 10 Easy Steps

January 15, 2010


Another awesome post from Travis “Dr” Gillespie.  Visit his blog at When some people think about fly fishing they think of a technical, elitist, and expensive sport. In some ways it can be, but if you take it step by step it can be as easy as learning how to ride a bike. Here […]

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Utah’s Top Ten Fly Shops

November 14, 2009


Written by Travis “Dr” Gillespie from Xstream Outdoors Unlike Island Park and West Yellowstone, where you can find a fly shop around every corner, Utah is home to a few top quality fly shops that specialize in great customer service and providing the gear we all want and need. In no particular order here is a […]

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The Top 10 Most Mystical Fish to Catch on a Fly Rod

May 16, 2009


by Aaron “Chubbs” Peterson As I was coming up with this Top 10, I knew the concept I was looking for, but couldn’t come up with the word to use. I wanted to portray the fish that gives an angler that once in a lifetime experience. An experience so amazing that it is difficult to […]

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