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introducing our guest blogger… Josh

May 26, 2014


My Fly Fishing StoryLet me start by introducing myself.  I respond to “Tobs”, “Toberman”, “Dad”, and “Josh” when called on by my friends and family.  My name is Josh Toberman and you can find me out on one of my favorite local rivers or top secret creeks.  You can also find me holed up in the Anglers Anonymous […]

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Honoring Richard Schaaff

November 3, 2010


Richard Schaaff – East Fork Fly Recently the fly fishing world lost a great man, Richard Schaaff.  We didn’t personally know Richard, but many of our River Buddies did and spoke very highly of him.  We admired his work at East Fork Fly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Let’s […]

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Sage Advice with Todd Regier

January 17, 2009

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“In true Frenzy form we go to California for Sage Advice Saturday to a truly unique individual Todd Regier. Todd  lives in Central California and is fortunate to guide the mountains as well as the surf making this cat fairly diverse in his fly fishing knowledge. Not many of us frenziers have that luxury. As […]

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Interview with Ryan Sansoucy

January 3, 2009


Our Sage Advice Saturday takes us clear across the the United States to New England where our man Ryan Sansoucy is Owner and Guide of Hush Fishing. “Hush is more than just a company, its our life. Hush was started in 2001 and has brought my wife and I through many kinds of trials. Last […]

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