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Last of the Fall Fishing

December 1, 2014


Sometimes in SE Idaho it snows in July… (it has happened before)  sometimes it doesn’t snow until January. (Fingers Crossed).  This year was a little weird.  We were having great fall fishing and then all of a sudden, boom 6 inches of snow.  Then we had a week of below freezing weather, highs of 28.  […]

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Fish Gods and Boat Demons

June 9, 2014


  So…it just so happens that Saturday morning LittleF, Chubbs and I decided to take a float down my new favorite piece of water on the Henry’s fork. It was 4 a.m. when they picked me up. I was ready, which I’m usually not. Once we arrived we loaded the boat with our bags and […]

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Fly Tying Get Together

February 16, 2012


utah fly fishing club fly tying

Last week I attended the Utah Fly Fishing Club fly tying get together.  Meet some new fly fisherman and tied up some good flies.  I have been tying a bunch lately getting read for the spring and summer.  Most of all I am getting ready for this Frenzy trip.  Here is the post that Utah […]

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Photos from the vise

February 6, 2012


fly fishing frenzy pictures from the bench

I have had the fly tying bug lately and have hit the vise hard.  I am sure I have it because I haven’t fished much this winter compared to years past.   I have been tying up a bunch of flies so I hope I have time this year to use them all. I have learned a […]

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Frenzy Cribs

April 11, 2011

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I wanted to have a little fun the other day and show my small area where I keep all my fly tying and fly fishing gear.  I thought what better way than to make it like the MTV cribs shows.  Had some fun with this one so don’t think it is to corny,  Maybe one […]

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25 Greatest Flies

June 29, 2009


taken from Field and Stream online magazine. Blue Winged Olive Style: Dry Fly The Skinny: This important dry fly comes fittingly at the end of my list. Although the naturals hatch at least intermittently all year, the most intense hatches seem to come at the end of the season in September or even October, when […]

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Custom fly tying desks

June 26, 2009


Tim Tibbals has been building custom furniture and cabinets since 1981, first learning the trade at a small shop in Redwood City, California. Through the years, he worked at a number of larger shops that produced high-end products for both the commercial and residential markets. In 1991, Tim branched off on his own, doing much […]

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Wanting to know everything about the sport

February 2, 2009


Taken from the Billings Gazette online Jay Buchner’s hands, worn from decades of fly-fishing, work carefully and methodically around the silver vise in front of him. The contrast between the tiny fly on the stand and his large hands seems almost comical, yet Buchner’s dexterity makes up for the difference. Grasping several feather tips with […]

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