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High Water Causes Muddled Fishing in Montana.

July 6, 2011

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Fly Fishing Montana Interesting article from the Helena Independent Record.  Great stats and information. Even though the runoff has been more than years past there are still some great fishing to be had which you’ll see in tomorrows post. ENJOY! Disappointed anglers are putting off their vacations this year with Montana’s blue-ribbon trout streams running […]

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Need to GO to the MO!

March 30, 2010

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post by Jeff Thomas So this year it seems that the Rainbow Spawn is getting started a little bit earlier than the past couple of years due to the warmer weather we are experiencing. I went Missouri River down below the Local Dam here in Helena to do a little fishing hoping to get in […]

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Some “MO” Good News

February 20, 2010


By Jeff Thomas A few days ago my Co-worker and I headed down to the Missouri River to do a little fishing. We headed out around 9:30 am and were surprised that it was already 32 degrees out so early in the day. We got our Nymph rigs all set up (mine a Black Wooley […]

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Another Bow from the MO!

January 21, 2010


Last year I was able to fish Rock Creek by Missoula and other rivers around that area.  I don’t think I will be able to get up in Montana fish much this year so I need to live vicariously through my friends up there.  My buddy Jeff Thomas has been fishing the Missouri River a […]

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Report from the Missouri

January 16, 2010


Post by Jeff Thomas Thursday morning my buddy Ryan and I headed out on a 45 min drive from Helena up to Craig, MT to fish the Missouri River.  We finally were experiencing some nice weather after a month long cold spell.  When we arrived in Craig, we stopped into the Trout Shop to pick […]

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Missouri River Brown

November 18, 2009


By Jeff Thomas About 3 weeks after Big Hoss Came to Montana on his “work trip” I headed out on the Missouri River with my buddy Ryan Graves. We got up early and headed across the Dam while it was still dark. We found a nice spot where there was a perfect shelf that I […]

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Fishing New Water

October 23, 2009


When thinking about writing this post I wanted to just tell what we did where we fished and throw up a few pictures. I know that is most of the time what I do but this time when I sat back thinking of how satisfying it was to fish new waters and have great success […]

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Another great day on the Missouri River

May 14, 2009


by Jeff Thomas Today I was getting off early and decided to go out and hit the Missouri River with a friend Casey Hutchinson. We saw that we were probably going to get dumped on by the rain storm that we could see coming our direction but a little rain wasn’t gonna stop us from […]

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Everyone and there dog were out on the river!!

April 11, 2009


This is a report on the Missouri River from a good friend of mine Jeff Thomas.  He has quest posted before writing about Rock Creek just outside of Missoula.  We love hearing about the fishing up in Montana so Jeff is always welcome on the Frenzy Blog. ______________________________ Now that all of the snow is […]

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