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Just Bead It

September 12, 2014


  Most of us hear about using a bead system when fishing in Alaska for salmon or fishing for steelhead but who uses beads as a “go-to rig” when fly fishing for trout? I have fished with glow bugs and have always done well fishing with that type of egg pattern but after talking to […]

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Steelhead, 30 hour fishing trip

April 27, 2011


  Great email send over by Jeff Donovan about his Steelhead trip last week, great write up.  Only a little bit left in the season and the Steelhead are still running so get out while you still can.   “A couple of you accepted the invitation to jump at the short notice opportunity to go steelhead fishing […]

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March 3, 2011


Steelhead Fly Fishing Post by Pete Goodro Months of planning, tying flies, upgrading gear and most of all, obsessing, culminate in one shotgun weekend. 10-13 hour drive to get there, on the river before the sun even starts to rise, chucking tons of weight on leaders longer than anyone should have to cast, setting the […]

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