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swingers club…. yeah you know what I’m talking about

February 11, 2015


so, I am totally convinced.  granted we have had a pretty unseasonably warm winter, nymphing has always been the go to.  I haven’t nymphed in weeks, not that there’s anything wrong with that. #Seinfeld  We, over at the fly shop Anglers Anonymous, have had a stalwart employee since day 1 – we call him Tobes.  The […]

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Fish Gods and Boat Demons

June 9, 2014


  So…it just so happens that Saturday morning LittleF, Chubbs and I decided to take a float down my new favorite piece of water on the Henry’s fork. It was 4 a.m. when they picked me up. I was ready, which I’m usually not. Once we arrived we loaded the boat with our bags and […]

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Product Review: Korkers Whitehorse Boots

May 2, 2014


The time had come.  Shoe goo couldn’t hold together the remnants of my Willy J’s anymore and I had to break down and buy some new boots.  After asking around to some trusted sources, the verdict was in, it was time that I owned some Korkers.  After some dubious research and mental anguish and turmoil […]

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Up Close and Personal…Great Pics from 2008.

November 11, 2008


I was looking through a bunch of pics from the year and was amazed with some of close ups pictures of the fatties that all the frenziers have landed this year.  Most of these pics are from the Madison River, Snake River and Utah Provo River.  If there are any pictues out there that you […]

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