About the Frenzy

Fly Fishing FrenzyFly Fishing Frenzy is here to provide fly fishing reviews, fly fishing tips, fly fishing reports, fishing stories and all around great fly fishing content. The Frenzy was founded back in 2001 by none other than Aaron “Chubbs” Peterson.  It all started when he wanted to plan a trip or “Mancation” as we like to call it, up to Island Park Idaho to fish for a few days with the boys.  Needless to say since the first Frenzy it has grown into something amazing that our group looks forward to every year. There is nothing special you have to do to be a member. Just come on a trip with the fellow F-ers

In 2006 Brent “Big Hoss” Ramey started our Frenzy blog to help spread the stories and give everyone a chance to up load pictures and videos about their fishing outings. As mentioned above we have decide to focus on providing fishing reports, river review, fly shop reviews, fishing stories and great fly fishing content. Please subscribe to our blog and we will not disappoint.

Official Food: ZINGERS, ENERGY DRINKS, and occasionally TOTS

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