This Fly Will Make your Jaw Drop. Guaranteed!

Fly Fishing Idaho

There is no denying that us frenziers like to throw some meat in the fall in search of nice browns.  We venture out as much as time permits in hopes to get those turns, looks, or bumps that  get the adrenaline pumping.  Few things get me more excited out on the river than when you are stripping the big stuff and you see the water explode!

Recently I was introduced to a fly that my good buddy Jason Arave was beta testing. It was the most realistic looking bait fish fly I’d ever seen.  It’s handmade, hand painted, and designed with the fishiest mind out there.  I had to get my hands on it.

Well, this post is long overdue, but it did give me a chance to really battle test this fly and the results are in: It works!!!  And it turn the heads of the big fish that lie beneath!  I’ve never had so many outings where one fly is moving fish out of every spot you would imagine a fish to be hiding.  I’ve been fortunate to experience it and see that it catches big fish!

Here are few pics that shows just what these flies can do.  And if you want to experience this for yourself, go visit Jason’s site at Drop Jaw Fly

brown drop bow drop cut cutt bruiser brown drop jaw huge cutt cutbow trout freckles

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