8 minutes of Magic!

July 7, 2015


Fly Fishing Videos

It is hard to completely capture in film the beauty, grandeur, and excitement of fly fishing Southeast Idaho, but Mac Rowdy (Marc Crapo) has successfully done just that.

This 8 minute video will change your life.  :)  Or at the very least send chills down your spine as you soak in the greatness that is Idaho!


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2 Responses to “8 minutes of Magic!”

  1. Paige Says:

    Beautifully made video. It really does capture all the excitement! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Bruce Hedgepeth Says:

    Such a dynamic video. Changes from a brewing storm to serenity on microscopic and macroscopic scales; to action of fish on; to human reaction of it all. Love it. Wishin’ to be there and wishin’ to be fishin’.


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