Carp is the New Black

April 27, 2015


Ok, so there are a couple notorious fishermen here in SE Idaho that love to carp.  Having been invited out a couple times, I could just never make the scheduling work.  Bender and I kept seeing their pics and their stories and just decided, OK… We’re going.

Shane, who happens to be one of the might duo of carp masters, was the guiding light, in what otherwise would’ve been a blind leading the blind carp mission.  He educated us on how to spot them, where to be, and how to catch them.  With a new associates degree in carping, we headed out down a long dirt road. LOOOOOONG dirt road.

We got to our destination and started applying our new degree by looking for the tell tale signs of mud, and then of course there’s the not so obvious splash of 20 pounders jumping out of the water. (sarcasm implied).  We parked and geared up.  The jumping was getting us excited and so we hustled down to carp town.

We fished for about an hour, and then Ben hooked up, and I saw fly line rip through the water, like…. well… fly line through water when there’s a huge beast on the other end.  One strong run, and then he was gone.  but that just got our motors running.  I hooked up 3 times in a row, only to see those vacuum hose looking mouths break the surface and my fly come flying out.  Then, it happened.  Ben is on one, and he knows he’s got a good hookset.  This is no regular fighting trout, these fish are strong and on our 6wt rods, they pretty much go where they want. You really do have to play these fish until you can make your move.  I come over, grab his net, and think to myself, that thing is not going to fit in this net.  After a long fought battle, our foe was in the net, and we were both hooting and hollering. Yeah, we do that sometimes.  Some pics were taken, and then he was returned to the depths.  After a slimey fist bump we were back at it.  We landed three in an hour, and had to high tail it back home.

These fish are not pretty, they smell bad, they are hard to hold, and can straight up puncture you with their dorsal fin, but as of right now, I am a fan.

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4 Responses to “Carp is the New Black”

  1. Grizz Says:

    Nice work. And all mirrors to boot. Highly underrated and misunderstood fish. Were they all tailing or were any chasing stripped flies?


    JLit Reply:

    Stripping leeches was the ticket.


  2. Joel Stephens Says:

    Were these Asian Carp? I don’t know much about them, but I hear they are pretty invasive. I would think, if they are that invasive, putting them back into the waterways may not be the best idea.


    JLit Reply:

    These are mirror carp and not like those Asian flyers.


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