The ‘Not So’ Trophy Fish

Fly Fishing Idaho

At some point in an angler’s journey, he/she pursues that trophy fish(es).  To some it might be a very large fish that is awed by many fellow fisherman.  To others, it might be the challenging specie that is difficult to convince to partake of your fly.  Whatever your trophy is, we all pursue it.

However, there comes the time when in pursuit of that Trophy fish, you inadvertently hook up with that ‘Not so’ trophy fish.  That fish is a specie that occupies the same water as our trophies, and are many times large fish, but are less desirable and almost disgusting to catch.

Don’t get me wrong.  It starts with a shot of adrenaline rushing through your body because you have just hooked up with a monster fish!  Once though, that you realize you’ve hooked into the ‘Not So’ trophy, that euphoria dies as quickly as it was created.

Well, just a few days ago, @bentflyfishing and I were roaming the westfork of the tot when Bender hooked into the rumored trophies in these waters.  Well, we found ourselves in the above mentioned predicament, but tried to make the best of it!  Bender had slapped a big ol Sucker fish on the head with a motard special, and this 20 plus inch sucker gave bender a fight he will long remember!  Did I menion, that @bentflyfishing loves sucker fish!  Looking hard with a Sucker fish never felt so good!

Have you ever landed the ‘Not So’ trophy?  Please share.

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