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February 20, 2015

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Fly Fishing Gear Review

If you are like me it is hard to find the right size of wader for my 5’10 stocky build body.  :-)  Honestly, let’s review the size chart:

Body Size Chest* Inseam Range Bootfoot Sizes Height Range Weight Range
Small 34-36 28-30 7-9 5’5″-5’8 130-160
Medium/Short 38-40 28-30 7-9 5’5″-5’8 140-180
Medium 38-40 30-32 8-10 5’7″-5’10 140-180
Medium/Long 38-40 32-34 9-11 5’10”-6’1 140-180
Large/Short 42-44 28-30 8-10 5’7″-5’10 180-220
Large 42-44 30-32 9-11 5’10”-6’2 180-220
Large/Long 42-44 32-34 10-12 6’1″-6’4 180-220
Large/XLong** 42-44 34-36 10-12 6’5″+ 180-220
XL/Short 46-48 28-30 9-11 5’7″-5’10 210-240
XL 46-48 30-32 10-12 5’10”-6’2 210-240
XL/Long 46-48 32-34 12-14 6’1″-6’4 210-240
XL/XLong** 46-48 34-36 12-14 6’5″+ 210-240
XXL/Short 50-52 28-30 10-12 5’7″-5’10 220-260
XXL 50-52 30-32 12-14 5’10”-6’3 220-260

All Clear?

Don’t get me wrong, this is probably the best system out there, but it doesn’t make them exactly fit the way you had always hoped when you order them.  There might be some of you that are the right size for the waders you have, but after fishing a ton of anglers I know I’m not the only one.

So, this isn’t a rant session, but more of a journey/exploration to find those brands of waders that have been your favorite and/or fit you the best.

I’ve owned multiple brands of waders over the years.  I remember my first neoprene waders.  Boy were they toasty, but after a season or so they would start to whither away.  I then graduated to Dan Bailey waders.  I remember getting the ‘Barebones’ waders about 13 years ago and I loved them.  I thought they were the best thing ever.  Light, easy to put on, etc.  Check these bad boys out:

Being pretty dang happy with them for 2 years, I bought another pair.  After a few more seasons and more time on the water I realized that I had to upgrade.  I really researched the best value out there and found some Cloudveil waders on Sierra Trading Post for a little over $200.  I was pretty proud.   This was about 8 years ago and these waders became my go to’s.

The next 3- 4 years I realized that I probably needed another pair ‘just in case’ and quickly got some Loop Adventure Waders.  They were a great substitute when I needed some waders on a hot day that weren’t as warm as my Cloudveil waders.

At this point I felt pretty good in the wader category.  I had friends with the high end Simms G4 Pro waders and really like them.  I just had a hard time investing $400 bones in them, but they swore by them.  Another friend had William Joseph Drynamic Waders and also swore by them.

I was getting to the point however, that I felt I needed another upgrade.  So one year at a fly fishing event I outbid everyone for a pair of Patagonia Rio Gallegos (not front zip).  I felt that I finally had the waders that would endure all time!

M's Rio Gallegos Waders - Regular

So, these babies lasted for 2-3 season until a barb wire fence jacked them up.  I did patch them up, but they never felt the same.

Let’s shoot to the present day (a few months ago) when my next waders adventure began.  I finally decided I needed the zip front because I pee more than anyone I know on the river and it just gets ridiculous when I have to pull the freakin waders all the way down. Well, I found pay dirt with the Redington Sonic Dry and I have been very happy.  Time will tell, but for the price these babies seem to be just what I’m wanting and Bender has been a fan of these for over 2 seasons!  Plus, they fit great, even for a 5’10” stocky dude.

Whatever wader floats your boat just remember to Stay Thirsty my Friends!

Fish ON!






































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  1. Joel Stephens Says:

    I used to have a pair of Simms Freestone waders that only lasted for a few seasons. The price was right, but no the quality. I stepped up to the G3 Series and they are worlds better. I have already had them as long as my Freestones and they feel close to brand new!


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