2014 was the year of the Brown Trout… (for me anyway)

OK, so I am one of those lucky guys that gets to fish, a lot.  I know I am lucky, I do not argue that.  I have to say I probably got close to if not over 100 outings in this last year.  With all of that fishing, I have to say, that I caught more browns than ever in my life.  I have fished one particular hole on the South Fork for years, and its chock full of Cutties, but this last year it was browns.  I had always seemed to catch more rainbows on certain sections of the Henry’s Fork, but this year it was browns.  BROWNS BROWNS BROWNS…..  Now, I am not complaining, actually I think I know why.  Streamers.  I threw more meat this year than ever before.  I guess when you fish with the likes of Chubbs, and Big Hoss, you tend to follow suit to avoid the name calling.  Well, it worked.  I am a streamer guy now.  I love to tie them, I love to fish them, I love catching the kind of fish that eat them, and last year, 2014, it was the German Brown.

I am trying to turn over a new leaf.  I would like to see if I can focus in this year, on my species.  So many times nymphing I can say, rainbows eat the midge, browns eat the rubber legs, but I wonder if we can do the same for dries, and for streamers.  I am going to pay more attention this year.

So with that being said, here are some pics, of the last brown of 2014 and the first rainbow of 2015.

*disclaimer, I didn’t catch this brown, but it was such a nice fish, and a surprise.  I did net it though.  ASSIST.

Also, I feel I really need to give a shout out to the guys at Kast.  I am layered up when I go out into the SE Idaho tundra to go fishing.  From my Vapor Tech, performance mid layer, and hell razor jacket.  I top it off with a beanie and then the cherry on the top is those delicious steelhead gloves.  My buddy that caught this brown had no gloves on.  I lent him one had so he didn’t lose all feeling.

One of my goals for 2015 and this blog is to do some more hands on gear reviews.  Either way, check out Kast.  Their link should be right ———————————–>

big brown 1







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3 Responses to “2014 was the year of the Brown Trout… (for me anyway)”

  1. kevin shanks Says:

    if i grow a beard will that help me, ha ha !


  2. Allan Says:

    I purchased a pair of the steelhead gloves. Been wearing an old pair of wool fingerless for a very long time. Went steelhead fishing on a day that most guys left because their hands just froze. I was going to leave also, my hands were past he freezing point when I remember I had the gloves in a pocket. I could not believe how warm and dry my hands stayed. The guys thought I was nuts when I reached into the water to release a fish. They couldn’t believe it. I now own 2 pair, and will be ordering 2 more. Best gloves ever. I’ve tried neoprene…hands froze. Mittens…cant fish in them. Wool fingerless….for over 20 years. Kast has my vote. And all the big names are now useing the primaloft insulation. Difference is…..you can get a cast $50-$75 cheaper. Guess where I’ll be shopping from now on.


  3. Corey Willey Says:

    Good looking fish, first fish I ever caught was a brown trout (20 years ago) but I can count on one hand how many I’ve caught since. I hope to make 2016 the year of the brown trout so I look forward to seeing what you find out.


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