It’s OK to Nymph.

December 13, 2014

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Fly Fishing Idaho

My first in depth experience with fly fishing was on the Provo River in Utah.  We used to Nymph fish the crap out of that place (along with most other fly fisherman in that area).  And, we pulled some great fish out of that river nymphing.

Nymph fly fishing is how I learned to fly fish, and that was OK.

As I grew in my knowledge and love for fly fishing I became acquainted with all the other methods of fly fishing, dry fly fishing, dry dropper, lake fly fishing, Streamers, etc.  Did I mention streamers?  Yeah, I fell in love with streamer fishing.  Few things can equal the strip, strip, BAM of a meat eating trout nailing your big and nasty streamer!

So, most of my fly fishing outings were all about the streamers.  Matter of fact, in 2013 I did not nymph a single outing the entire year.  It wasn’t because I was one of those snobby, ‘look down on every fisherman that doesn’t do it the way I do it’ fisherman, but I just really wanted as many opportunities as possible to catch a trout on a streamer.

Well, in 2014 I was headed down that same path when I finally said screw it, I’m gonna nymph.   I was fishing with Big Hoss, Bender, and Littlekek and we were at a prime meat eating hole (kind of like all of us at Tucanos)?  Ya, feel me?  Well, they weren’t biting, so I put on my dry fly line reel, and pulled out my only ‘thing a ma bobber’, scrounged up a few sinkers, and put on my pheasant tail/egg killa pattern.  I found a nice little run and sure enough, the bows (nice rainbows) began headbutting my shiz.  It awakened something inside me that I hadn’t had for a little while.  I was nymphing and it didn’t matter.  I landed a bunch of bows and had a great time.  I even yelled out what I was doing a few times to bender and littlekek who where a little annoyed. NYMPHINEST ………

Since then I’ve switched to nypmhing quicker and more often.  Don’t get me wrong, my favorite way to fly fish is still streamers.  I love it, but I broke free a little this fall and gave way to the pleasure of catching fish, and concluded it is OK to nymph!

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4 Responses to “It’s OK to Nymph.”

  1. Max Says:

    nice read…. Maybe you should start a self help group….,My name is Max, and I’m addicted to throwing streamers…. The hardest part is admitting you have a problem;)


  2. Fred Rickson Says:

    Way back in 1948, while teaching me, a 10 year old who wanted to fish a dry fly, how to flyfish, he said something like “you will always catch more fish near the bottom, than near the top.” A 10 year old really needs to catch something to stay engaged in the process.


    Fred Rickson Reply:

    that was my dad…sorry


  3. BR Says:

    Littlekek or Nokek, I always love me some good nymphin’. It’s about putting a fish on the end of your line. Nice article Petee!


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