Last Minute Steelhead Trip on the Salmon River, ID? Don’t Mind if I Do. (and Kast Gear plug)

OK, so if Colby from Kast Gear calls and says, “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?”  your answer should always be…. “My day is wide open.” Well that happened a couple weeks ago, and I’m glad it did.  Steelhead on the fly is just an awesome time, every time.  We met in Idaho Falls early in the a.m. and headed to Challis.  The reports weren’t staggering when we went by any means, but when you have a guy with a jet boat, and the knowledge that Colby has, you take advantage of those opportunities. I had never had the opportunity to fish from a sled like this before, and I tell you what, it is the way to go.  We put the boat in, and headed up stream, flying over riffles that were only 3″ deep in some spots. The weather was quite a bit colder than we were originally expecting that morning, but it soon started to warm up and so did the fishing.  Egg patterns and beads were definitely the ticket because the fish were holding deep. Colby took me to a run, where he knew there would be fish.  “If there aren’t fish here, we might as well head out.”  3 casts in, and no fish, he was actually surprised.  This was a reaction I was not ready for, because my experience with steelhead is that you might fish hard for 10 hours and not even feel one.  He told me to throw a little further out into this run, and he literally called the fish.  I think he might be a witch because I set the hook, and fish on.  For those of you who haven’t fought steelhead on a 6 weight fly rod…. you should really give it a go. Its a hoot.  From here on we took turns fishing the bends and deeper runs looking for the elusive fish.  I was happy enough to have got one to the net, but we landed several more and had a blast doing it. I cannot say enough about these steelhead gloves by Kast.  If you have not fished in them, you have no idea what you are missing out on.  They were developed for this exact thing, and they are flawless.  Hands dry + Hands Warm + Fishable = Thank you sir can I have another.  (I am not exactly sure what that means, but it just felt right). Lets not also forget that we fished 6 wt Loop Cross rods, with the Opti Runner, and the new Evotec reel.  This is no regular Runner either.  Your eyes do not deceive you, those are custom Kast green carbon fiber spools.  The combination of Loop and Kast is like Maverick Nachos and a cold Mountain Dew… ( I was going to give more examples but I literally can think of nothing better than that combination right now).  There is a reason why our local fly shop, Anglers Anonymous carries Loop and Kast almost exclusively. Anyway, Colby, I thank you for the invite and you know I am always down for the spur of the moment fishing the net gorgeous steel hen are you kidding me with this reel? kast gloves = warm hands

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