Fishing with the Wife

April 14, 2014


Fishing with the wife, girl friend , life partner whatever you choose can be a great experience.  It is always a neat thing when you can share your passions. I can come home from a night of throwing flies and my wife can relate to the story. She knows the difference between laying down a small dry softly to a weary trout and chucking big meat to hungry predators.  She understands my addiction and enables the way I have to calm the cravings.

A while back my wife had just gotten her first pair of her own waders and boots. We headed out to a spot on the Henry’s Fork that’s close to home. We walked through pasture and the woods and came to the first hole. We threw about 10 casts into the hole and came up empty. It was now time to cross the river and hit the next hole. I started across and was about half way when I turned to check and see how she was doing. She had taken one step in and on her next step she went down. The water was about 16” deep but was moving pretty good. The water had taken her downstream and come up over her waders. She got her footing found her way out of the drink and proceeded to throw my $600 rod onto the ground like she just scored a touchdown (I was impressed that she had held onto it). She began to say things that would make a sailor blush. She took off her pack threw it in the water kicked my rod as if the rod had something to do with it. All this time I was trying to make my way back to her and try to calm her down.  When I arrived she was so mad at me for leaving her behind. She was ready to give up the sport all together.  I learned a very important lesson that evening, patience. Now every time we fish together it’s a lot of fun. Its not about how many fish we catch or who roped the biggest one (that is for fishing with your bros). Its about spending time together and appreciating the little things. Fly fishing has become such an important part of my life that nothing is better than being able to share it with the people I’m closest to. Fly fishing can strengthen a family and teach everyone a life lesson or two. See what you can invoinvolved in your passions.  Below is my wifes first Rainbow on the fly and a pic she took of me in the spot where she fell.IMG_20130617_231152IMG_20130721_201203


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