Rainbows and Renegades

I know I am not the only person that this has happened to.  I am taking someone out fishing and plan to just fish streamers while wading a very familiar area on the Henry’s Fork.  We had really good luck on the streamers, the water was a little off color so, the shiny sparkle minnow was doing its job. As Chubbs says, “Do your job.”

Now, this crazy midge hatch starts coming off, and there is a pool of water in my sight that has rising fish, going nuts.  I never pass up the opportunity to catch fish on top so I make my way over to this pool and continue to watch fish after fish rolling on the surface.  I turn to my pack to switch up and realize, my dry flies are in the car.  AWESOME.  What do I see in my William Joseph Catalyst but a lone renegade dry fly.  Now I love to throw the renegade, it should be in every fly box, but it is no midge.  It was all I had though, so on it went.  I really thought my efforts would be futile, so I didn’t even change out my leader or change my tippet.  Here I am, 2x mono tippet to a renegade.  The knot is almost as big as the fly (obvious exaggeration). First cast and a fish that was too small to eat it head butt that renegade hard.  It was so fun to watch these fish.  On occasion a decent rainbow rolled on that renegade and I was pretty stoked.  I spent the next 30 to 40 minutes catching fish after fish.  It was a blast.  If I had had my flies with me I probably would’ve done something stupid like match the hatch or something.  Here’s a couple of pics.  There might be a little cutt in these fish, but seriously Cuttbows and Renegades has no ring to it.

rainbow and renegade

rainbow and renegade

bow 1

3 Responses to “Rainbows and Renegades”

  1. Celeste Says:

    Looks like great fishing! I’ve been researching good rivers in Idaho and I keep hearing Henry’s Fork. I’m planning a surprise fishing trip for my husband at the end of April- but unfortunately don’t speak the language of fly fishing. I’m wanting to take him to Henry’s Fork, but don’t want to float it – we have waiters. What city would you recommend we drive to/stay at and how would I go about finding an area that isn’t too deep? I know my husband likes “nymphing”…
    Thank you for your help,


    JLit Reply:

    Celeste: call into Anglers Anonymous fly shop in Rexburg M,W,F or Sat from 10-6. 208-403-7883


  2. Keele Says:

    Money !! What a great fly. We need to go one of these days !!


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