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My name is Ben, I’m 38 years old and I’m a fly fisherman. I would like to share a story that started this addiction. I grew up on a farm 9 miles east of Ashton, Idaho. Within a few miles in all directions I had world class fly fishing water. Bitch Creek, the Teton River, Falls River, Henry’s Fork of the Snake River and other less known waters were within a few miles. My dad loved to get out and fish whenever he could. With my dad being a farmer and I was very involved in baseball and other sports camps throughout the summer we weren’t able to get out a lot. My dad was a “bait guy.” The interesting thing was he used a fly rod. He would tie on a snelled bait hook use some split shot and add salmon eggs to the hook. Being unable to cast very far with soft eggs on the hook he had mastered the roll. He could drop those golden balls on a dime. He taught me some very important lessons. He taught me how to read water and find out where the fish were feeding without being able to see them. The lesson I learned the most about was how to get close to the fish and that I didn’t have to cast  60′ to rising trout, although now one of my favorite things to do. The way the guy could finesse his 9′ 5 wt Eagle Claw and rip line off of his automatic Perrine reel was astounding to me. Not really fly fishing but close enough to nymphing to get me excited as a boy.

Some years later (after being great friends in high school) I hooked up with Chubbs. He was going on and on about the greatest sport in the world. I took him up on his offer to take me out. I dug my dads old Eagle Claw out of his closet with the same reel and fly line and off we went. I hooked a fish that morning and the obsession started. Since I have become a 3 day a week guy. I have started company called Bent which sells hats, the dopest hat I might add. I try to be involved with  anything in the sport. With all this being said would like to introduce you to my part of the Frenzy, This weeks TOP 5. The topic for this weeks is My top 5 Excuses to go fishing

TOP 5 excuses to wet a line

5- Its Tuesday

4- “Honey the streamers are hatching”

3- My boots are dry

2- The wood on the drift boat is shrinking

1- (drum roll) I can’t let Jason go alone. He’s not a strong swimmer

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