Upper Green River – Wyoming

A couple friends and myself came to an important realization a few weeks ago…. it had been way to long since we had all fished together.  Jeremy Stucki, Mike Wilder and I used to fish together quite a lot, but careers and life in general seem to always get in the way.  We had been planning to go steelheading (look for a post on this in the near future) but because of the possibility of rain and off color water, we headed the other direction to look for active rainbow trout in the 3-OH-7.

The Green River was a new adventure for all three of us.  We headed out pretty early in the morning, after hitting the local fly shop Anglers Anonymous (plug plug plug).  After leaving Eastern Idaho and hitting Jackson, WY  you really just have to take a step back to look at the scenery of that place.  Those mountains though, soon turned to flat desert oil fields as we headed to the Green.  We met up with our local guide, Travis, Jeremy’s younger brother and he told us where to head out.

We got to where we could only hope was the right spot and threw in a few lines.  Through some experimentation it did not take long to figure out that the fish were looking for egg patterns.  We caught some nice rainbows just drifting some egg patterns under a rubber legs, but the fun really started when the streamers took off.

Being recently armed with some Coffey Sparkle Minnows from the shop, I threw one on with a black woolly bugger trailing…. I would cast up into the flow and let it dead drift until my line was taught, and then start to slow strip in.  This movement, or the combination of colors, or just my expert skills drove the fish crazy from about 6pm until you couldn’t see anymore.  Fish after fish hit that streamer setup. They say the tug is the drug, and they are right.

The next day, we headed to new areas of water where we found some good deep pools, a couple nice braids, and some great riffles.  This section of river produced all day long, for all of us.  I even hooked into an eager brown chasing a streamer.  You can tell he must’ve been hungry, because he was snaky looking.

Check out the pics and video below and see for yourself.  There is some cool underwater footage, and some grainy footage of a good fight where this fish was flopping all over the place.  Sorry its grainy, but like a rookie I had to zoom in past my hat brim.  Next time, hat backwards.

All in all, we had enough fun on this trip to make this an annual thing.  If you haven’t checked out the Green, talk to you local fly shops and get the skinny, then go check it out.  You will not regret it.

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  1. TLCall Says:

    Great pictures and the video was fine. The music didn’t fit with the video though. What a fun hobby! My kids would love to spend time with their Uncle Jas.


  2. Bender Says:

    I would have loved to make this trip. I this video was fantastic. Congrats on the success


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