Who is Ready to Frenzy?

April 4, 2014


Rowdy Yellowstone Canoe Trip

Rowdy Yellowstone Canoe Trip

With the upcoming annual Frenzy trip looming in our near future, we here at the blog have come to a realization…… Our readers and follower and fish porn addicts have been greatly neglected over the past while.  With that being said, we would like to introduce to you, a couple new members to the team, to pump a little life into this blog.  Hide your wives, hide your children, because get ready.

First off, my name Jason Littlefield, affectionately known as many names not appropriate for this, and I am a fly fishing addict.  So deep is my addiction, that I, along with Chubbs and another, have started an organization for those around like us called Anglers Anonymous.  Ok, so there is no 12 step program yet, but its in the works, and it has nothing to do with getting rid of, but instead, feeding our addiction.  (Its a fly shop).  Having grown up in Kalispell, MT and moved to Rexburg Idaho in 1996, I have loved these waters, and am excited to share as much as possible with anyone who will listen, or read in this case.

Up next added to the team is Ben Zundel, Bender, Beezy, amongst countless other aliases.  He has been fishing SE Idaho his whole life and has so much passion for it, that he has since started his own company called Bent Fly Fishing.  Just check instagram if you’re not familiar, he is everywhere.

We both love everything from nymphing to double hauling big meaty streamers.  Whether we are sitting at the bench tying up flies, standing in a river or at our day jobs, you can bet or minds are on trout.  I hope we can get this blog filled with even more content that people love.

We are dedicated to content, reports, gear reviews, and not to mention GIVEAWAYS.  As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure just to show how much we like you all, we are going to start this whole revamping with a giveaway, and it will be good.  We have some ideas up our sleeves, but tell me in the comments what you would love to see as a giveaway.  What would you sign up your grandma on facebook just so you could leave another comment for? (don’t do that though)

4 Responses to “Who is Ready to Frenzy?”

  1. Jerry Garn Says:

    Good Luck Fellas! A Give Away To Kickstart The Season. Look forward to your Posts


    Jake Butikofer Reply:

    I bought a mean horse and let it kick me in the groin every morning after sleeping on the ground in a snow storm to prepare myself.


    JLit Reply:

    You mean you’ve been doing pushup on the side of a river?


  2. Jerry Garn Says:

    Jake, that does not surprise me! Is that weird I’m not?
    You know how to Prep For A Good Day! Get your Saddle bags Ready cause it’s Going to Be a one of those Frenzy that As Our Boys From (Stone Temple Pilots Say!) will Leave You feeling a little “Dead and Bloated” with Zingers and Monsters Galore! Hey Jake Bring that Crazy Horse out To The Ranch and Let’s Tame Him. I feel your Pain! But It will Pass away like a Kidney Stone!
    And JLit! Jake can Do push-ups in his Sleep!


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