What is the Hot Log?

March 10, 2014

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Fishing is great in the winter months. The problem is the frigid temperatures, snow and frozen eyelets you have to endure! I’ve scoured the internet trying to find different products to stay warm or at least comfortable for these kind of fishing days. Recently I stumbled across a solution. This is the perfect, low cost, answer to a riverside fire and I found it right here in Idaho. It’s a handcrafted, self-contained fire known as the Hot Log Portable Fire.

The myriad of suggested uses for this single log fire was impressive enough to convince me to give it a shot. One version of the Hot Log is a cook top stove in case you need to fry up some grub! Starting at $6 a piece in local convenience stores, and $18 online  at Hot Log (price includes the shipping) these individual logs burn from the inside out and have an easy to use fire starter.  Measuring 8″ tall, by approximately 6″ diameter, these single logs are outfitted with an easy carry rope handle and are impressively lightweight. With approximately 1-2 hours of burn time, and a pre-drilled side mounted vent hole, fire lovers can enjoy a roaring flame in just about 5 minutes from lighting. The instructions are on the back of the label, which also cover up the ventilation hole. As it turns out, the label can be used as a fan to help the initial flame get going.

While the fire-starter is getting going the log will put off some smoke (just like any fire), so be sure to sit up-wind to avoid inhalation. I just stuck my hot log in the snow & lit it. It’s also great in the backyard or patio table and easy enough to extinguish with a glass of water if needed. In all, my log burned about an hour before the side began to split from the heat and the flamed began to peek out the side vent hole. Flame height reached about 8″ at it’s peak, and even with moderate wind, was safe enough for me to trust the kiddos sitting next to it roasting marshmallows.

The Hot Log logs are the perfect camping aide, or even a must have emergency kit staple. They are great for a sunset dinner on the deck, camping by the lake, or giving as a gift. We spent a good amount of time just gathered around the Hot Log keeping warm and watching the flames. Ashton (10) kept calling it a giant ‘candle log,’ which, I suppose, is a good way to put it. Considering how simple One Log Fire is to use, and how easy it is to transport and store, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t keep a few of these on hand, no matter where you live!


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