Tacky Fly Fishing

December 23, 2013


As avid fly fishermen and guides we have long recognized the limitations of currently available boxes for holding flies. We have spent a lot of time identifying solutions to those limitations so that you can spend less time thinking about your flies and more time finding fish.

We have designed a fly box insert utilizing inherently sticky, or “tacky,” silicone sheets that anchor the flies extremely effectively. We have exhaustively tested multiple thicknesses and durometers of silicone to identify the optimum scenario for holding a fly.
The box has the following advantages over currently available boxes:
  • Hold flies tighter
  • Last Longer
  • Have virtually no memory
  • Utilize a 3M adhesive that will not warp or degrade when exposed to the sun or variations in temperature

Click here to see their kickstarter campaign and to help back this cool fly box.

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