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June 28, 2013

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I was fishing with my buddy Bender a few weeks ago and he talked about always slipping on the rocks.  So, I introduced him to the Goat Head Sole Spikes and got him a pair to try out.

After a few outings he came back a raving fan.

Here’s his testimonial:

“Earlier this year a great friend Jbone, (the fly fishing Yoda) and I were headed out across the Henry’s Fork. I was a bit tentative because of the strength and depth of the river. Jbone said, “its fine, just follow me and step where I step.” What I didn’t tell you was he had Goat Head Spikes installed on the bottom of his boots. My soles were felt and it was as if I was stepping on ice while being pushed by a truck. Jbone walked across with the ease and grace of a mountain goat on a hillside. I took ten steps and turned around and came back to shore and settled for fishing the small holes and riffles catching only a few small fish. As I was walking out of the river at days end I fell anyway and ended up going home soaked. I lost at least $200 worth of flies not to mention all of my pride and could have easily lost or broken my rod or worse filled them up and drowned. Jbone on the other hand  was in the money spot catching monsters on top and underneath and got to go home bone dry with a smile on his face not only from catching big trout all day but laughing at me for going in the drink.
My point to this whole story is if you want to get to the good stuff grab some Goat heads and get to the money spots. I have since installed them and I can keep up with anybody on the river. I feel confident and steady on my feet. They are super easy to install and come with their own wrench. For the price of the spikes its a no brainer to get them screwed into your soles. Its a lot cheaper than your pride, flies, and life.”

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2 Responses to “Goat Head Sole Spikes – Testimonial”

  1. Bender Says:

    Who the crap is JBone?



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