Fishing High Water

fly fishing high waterHere in Utah the water like in most areas right now is raging and is very hard to fish or at least people think it is hard to fish.  One of the main rivers in Utah the Provo River is a tail water and the flows are controlled by the dams at Jordanelle and Deer Creek.   The one nice thing about the provo is that it will really never turn into muddy chocolate mess like other rivers.  The Provo will still be high and swift but more manageable compared to other areas.   There are few things to remember when fishing high water that will help find fish and allow you to catch more.

In normal conditions fish will hold in typical areas that you see them year around but when the high waters start the water temps go down and the those low current holding areas such as long deep runs, behind rocks or back eddies will change and the fish will move around.  Remember one thing, “Fish still have to eat” get this into your brain and that will help with confidence.   Trout will move to slower water on the banks or other areas that when water is lower would never hold fish.  Most anglers understand this but a lot really don’t like to fish during this time of the year.  This really can be one time of the year that is similar to dead winter, you won’t see many people and could have long stretches of water all to yourself.

The flies I like to fish are large heavy nymphs and streamers.  Larger and heavier pheasant tails, sow bugs, hears ears, san juan worms and all different types of streamers.


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5 Responses to “Fishing High Water”

  1. The River Damsel Says:

    Thanks for the tips! Time to get out the heavier bugs… Czechs!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    yep heavy bugs,


  2. Acquah's Enterprise Says:

    That’s a great photo!


  3. Buck Says:

    Fished some high water rivers this last weekend they are so high I could only get a foot or two in the water after that the current is too strong. Some can be dangerous. I’m glad these rivers flows are lower the rest of the year or I would still water fish only.


  4. Fishing in Dubai Says:

    Fishing is both relaxing and enjoyable, but becomes more-so when one knows how to do it properly. Fishing in Dubai


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