Through the Fish Eye – A Look Back at The Frenzy Origin.

May 23, 2013

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Fly Fishing Frenzy

This year marked the 11th year of our Annual Fly Fishing Frenzy!  To understand the significance from that it’s important to know how it started and where we’ve gone.  We’ll be doing an 8 – 10 part series on all the years we can remember and where we’ve gone and how it’s grown.

The Power of Fly Fishing

First off, fly fishing is an amazing sport that can be done in solitude or with a group of friends that share your passion.  The bonds that form through fly fishing can last the test of time.  Mainly because fly fisherman are the only other ones that understand your crazy passion for what you do, or understand why the hell you would get up at 3am to do anything, or why you take close up shots of a fish’s skin, or why spend absurd amounts of money on an articulated fly named after something you probably shouldn’t google, or maybe because they’ve been partners in crime when you’ve told the wife you’d be home at 5 o’clock and that turns into 11pm.  Yep, the list can go on.  Regardless of your experience, fly fisherman are a different breed that encompasses both young and old.  It is a way of life for some or a break from the daily monotony that re-energizes the soul for others.

I’ve fished most my life.  It began with worms, graduated to blue foxes/mepps, to rapalas, to fly fishing.  For a period of about 5 years I didn’t fish much at all.  Then one day I went and realized why I loved fished so much as a kid and young teenager.

The Frenzy Origin

After graduating college, which happened to be my first year of marriage I went out fly fishing with a buddy.  We were both fairly horrible at it and the fly rod I had was the same one I got as a 14 year old 12 years earlier.  Needless to say we didn’t have much luck, but somehow I hooked a nice trout on the Provo River only to have it give me the fin before landing it.  No net, no waders (and it was cold), and no box of flies except the one I had on the line.  Nevertheless that sparked a passion that had been dormant for a while and would be the catalyst to keep it going.

That next year unexpectedly started the first frenzy ever, which will be the subject of next post.

Frenzy 2013 – 11 Years Later

This year marked our 11th consecutive year we’ve done our annual Fly Fishing Frenzy.  It’s always been a group of Utah guys, and Idaho Guys and we always hit Montana/Idaho Waters.  I’ve been a Utah guy for the first 7 years of the Frenzy, but now I am one of the Idaho Guys.

Day 1

This year the plan was for the Utah guys to meet us Idaho guys on the Beaverhead River around 9 – 10 am.  Well, the Idaho boys got word about some good fishing just a big north of Rexburg so we decided to hit that first and take the long route to Dillon.  We met up around 3:45am and set off.  We packed all our camping, fishing, and weather gear to embark on our 5 day event.  We arrived at our spot bright and early and it did not disappoint.  Unis, Bender, Littlefield and myself all caught some nice fish that satisfied our appetite for the time being so we then ventured towards Dillon, Montana via Ennis, to Twin Bridges, Montana and eventually to Dillon.  We stopped in at Frontiers Fly Shop to get some intel on the Beaverhead and made our way down to Pipe Organ bridge.  We met up with the Utah boys and caught some motivated brown trout.  Nothing big, but definitely fun.

That night we decided to camp on the shores of Clark Canyon Reservoir and ended up catching some nice cruising rainbows.  It seemed that Dr. G caught about 5 rainbows for every 1 fish that we caught.  I swear he was using powerbait, but that isn’t confirmed. :)  It is also important to note that Hancey loves camp fires.  Thanks to Dave we had a camp fire going the entire frenzy!

Stay tuned for days 2-5 and the previous year’s trips.

Day 1 pics

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    Thanks for the post. When are you releasing Day 2 onwards? I love reading people’s fishing adventures. And fly fishing is of particular interest to me.


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