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February 28, 2013

fly fishing film tour

I attended the F3T this past week at the Depot in SLC.  Here is my quick review of the show.

I have thought about the last three years of shows and have decided in my opinion that the show has slightly gone down hill.  First off the organizers, volunteers, and employees of the Depot are great.  I am basing my opinion on the films, venue and sponsors and not the people.

Venue – I love the size and sound that is provided by the Depot but I HATE how many people are hanging out on the upper level talking at the top of their lunges.  I would prefer to sit down and watch these films with out distraction and noise.   No wants to go watch the new James Bond movie and have people talking in the back of theater like it is hangout session and it is the same with these great films at the F3T.  I wish they would move it to a different location.

Films – I am not saying the films are bad I just think I am not seeing that the type of films that I like as much anymore.  I know this is just one guy and what I prefer but I feel like some of my favorite films are still from a few years ago.  Again, the films were great stories awesome and ultimately I is probably just me and not the film makers and F3T.

Sponsors – This is the biggest and most popular film tour that has some of the best companies as sponsors.  I remember when we would show up to the event knowing we have a good chance to walk out with some free stuff maybe a hat, shirt, fly line or gift card to a fly shop.  Now they give away maybe a few things, granted they are awesome items but with the amount of people that go and popularity I would think the sponsors could be more generous and have more items to give away.  With that said I understand the F3T has a lot of stops and that does add up to a ton of free gear overall that is given away but it just isn’t like the older shows with a ton of stuff being given away.

Overall I did like the show but think that I will probably not go to the Depot next year, if it is there, and hit up one of the other F3T stops in Utah.

What are your thoughts?

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5 Responses to “F3T review”

  1. Benny Says:

    I’m with you on the films. They went from ball busting fish porn to mushy “love my fishing and its not about the catch” type of movies; that is just my opinion. I want to see monster tarpon spooling guys and huge browns eating meat. Anyways, I am still thankful for the show and I look forward to next year. The benefit of the years that aren’t so great is that the next years have opportunity to be much better!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Well put Benny, where did you watch it this year?


    Benny Reply:

    I watched it in Cleveland, OH. The movie was in the Museum of Natural History. Theater was decent for a film.


  2. mike Says:

    I agree. I was slightly let down with this years film tour. Dont get me wrong, i still had a great time and love what those guys are doing and hope they continue the good job! THanks F3T. However, THeir seemed to be more cliche’ stories that didnt really have the attention grabbing feel like videos of past have had. Maybe consider switching up the order of the films to start things off with more of a bang..just my 2 cents..more fishing, less of the stories (especially stories that almost everyone in the crowd has prob experienced at some level in their own lives).


    Big Hoss Reply:

    I agree Mike, stories are good to have and I know they are limited to the film makers and how they shoot their films but I also like a bit less story and more action. Where did you watch it this year?


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