From Dream to Reality

February 14, 2013

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Fly Fishing Film Tour

I know we have had quite a few posts surrounding the Fly Tour recently, but so many of those shows look so awesome that it is hard to resist!

I wrote a piece a few years back and updated it recently about the Most Mystical fish to catch on a fly rod.  It was fun to research the fish that we felt would make the list.

One in particular was the Arapaima, a freshwater beast in South America.  When I first decided to put it on the list it was a pipe dream.  I’m not even sure if they had ever been caught on a fly. I’d seen the fellow on River Monsters catch a few, but not on a fly.

Well, sure enough it has been done and documented in Jungle Fish, which actually won some hardware at the Sundance Film Festival.

It looks awesome and here is some info on the film and what it won:

“For its short-feature film, Jungle Fish, Costa Sunglasses and director Louisiana Kreutz accepted an award from the Sundance Institute and Hilton Worldwide at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 20.

The 2013 LightStay Sustainability Award winners were chosen from 1,500 feature-length documentaries and more than 5,000 short-film entries submitted to the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Fund.

Jungle Fish[[ITAL]] focuses on the native people of the South American country of Guyana and the quest of three expert anglers on a two-week voyage deep into the heart of Guyana’s rain forest to prove that the arapaima, one of the largest freshwater predatory fishes in the world, can be caught on fly. Such proof could enhance the country’s fledgling sport-fishing industry.”

And by all means check the trailer here.

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  1. Travis Gill Says:

    Dang, I lived down there for 2 yrs and never saw or caught one of those. Looks like I need to go visit some old friends


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