Utah Stream Access Coalition Update: 2012 & 2013 Outlook.

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The Utah Stream Access Coalition is a group we have followed, supported, and admired since its inception.  They are a great group striving to get Utah’s anglers access to it’s fine fisheries.

We just wanted to give an update of what they’ve seen happen in 2012 and the outlook for 2013.




“Happy New Year!

As we look back at 2012, our accomplishments exceed the few short years we’ve been in existence as an organization. From a grassroots beginning in 2010, we’ve grown to over 3,000 members strong, with our membership spanning all six corners of Utah. We have filed 2 lawsuits challenging the “Public Waters Access Act,” and we continue to pursue legislative compromise to restore access to our UT waters. We’ve strengthened partnerships in both the Fly Fishing and Outdoor Industries with organizations and corporations eager to see our access issues resolved. It’s been a busy year for all of us. For everything we’ve accomplished – we thank our members, volunteers, and donors!


2013 is off to a productive start: Our Provo River case (Public Waters) wrapped up at the district court level, and the Weber River case (Navigability) goes to the district court. Our counsel continues the legal battle to restore access. An update on the status of both cases can be found in the “Legal Update” below.


On the legislative front, we face another battle. Kay McIff, author of HB141, has proposed another controversial bill, HB 68. This bill has opened the opportunity for USAC to bring forth legislation that would end this conflict once and for all. Our voice is only as loud as our membership, and WE NEED YOU to contact your legislators and voice your opinions on Stream Access. Details on the legislative session and USAC’s goals can be found in the “Legislative Update” below.”

Check out all their updates here: USAC


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