Foundations of Fly Fishing Classes

January 18, 2013

Fly Fishing Utah has 2013 classes up on their site.  Here is a bit about Spencer Cook owner.   check out classes schedule.


My name is Spencer Cook, I am the owner of as a part of my business Backcountry Fly Fishing. I am a fly fishing instructor and obviously an avid fly fisherman. I became a fly fishing addict in the summer of 2009. Prior to that I had only watched as a close friend of mine (a “dry fly fisherman”) hardly ever caught fish. There was no real incentive for me to try it because I was a very accomplished lure fisherman. However, when circumstances (read about that here) left me with no other alternative , I took the bull by the horns and have never looked back. Fly fishing has opened my eyes to so many new and wonderful things. I cannot imagine life without a fly rod in hand. I have found out that introducing others to this sport and seeing them have success brings just as much joy as catching fish on my own.


A brown trout from Lower Fish Creek, Carbon County, UT.

This blog is dedicated to introducing new comers to the world of fly fishing and giving them the know-how to get started the right way. There is a large learning curve often associated with fly fishing. The content in this blog will teach you how I overcame this curve. I will show you effective methods to catch fish while assuring you have a solid foundation of knowledge to give you a jump start into the fly fishing world.

I typically post once a week. I am also very active on google+facebooktwitterpinterest, and other social media mediums. I want to encourage you to ask me questions and comment on my posts. I find it very fulfilling to help people find answers. I tend to be a very inquisitive person and that is how I have learned as much as I have in a relatively short period of time. You can email me at:

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