How cold is too cold?

January 16, 2013

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winter fly fishingWith this blasted cold weather that wont seem to go away I got to thinking, how cold it too cold to fish.  I have fished in -12 degrees before (with no wind) that that no wind makes all the difference in the world.  I only lasted about an hour or so before I got off the water.  We all fight the ice on the fly rod which I think is the single most frustrating thing when fishing in freezing temps.  The next biggest thing has to be the hands getting cold.  I am not a glove guy, I have tried many different types of gloves but I would just rather have my hand free and fight the cold then to have my gloves get in the way all the time.  Next I would say our the feet.  I double up on socks and also move around a lot when fishing so my feet don’t get that cold but I have fished with people that have the hardest time keeping the feet warm.  With your feet I would suggest don’t have your boots too tight to allow blood circulation.  This questions still remains, specifically referring to river fishing, how cold is to cold?  What do people do to stay warm in the winter? Lets hear from you….

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6 Responses to “How cold is too cold?”

  1. Spencer Cook Says:

    Sounds like I do just about the same as you do when it is freezing outside. I also hate gloves. A few things you can do that will make it nice is take some hand warmers and keep two in your jacket (one in each pocket) and put two in your boots. Like Big Hoss said, you should wear your boots loose or use big boots for that. But I tape the hand warmers to the tops of my feet between the two layers of socks I wear. The reason for taping them to the top is because that is where the viens carrying blood are located. Warm up the blood and your toes will stay toasty. Two more quick things I do. Make sure you wear a big warm hat. The warmer the hat the warmer your body. You loose a lot of heat though your head. And last, over heat your torso. Make sure you have plenty of layers on your core to keep your heart pumping warm blood to the rest of your body. Sorry that was so long. TIGHT LINES.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    i like the tip of the warmers in the socks.


  2. Dan Says:

    Solution…..head to lees ferry?!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    love it….. perfect solution!


  3. Shreyansh Patel Says:

    It was nice, i always love the winter cold season.

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