Look What is ‘Loon’ing

January 4, 2013

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Loon Outdoor Products

I was browsing one of my more favorite Fishing sites Le Mouching and came across a bunch of cool videos from Loon Outdoor Products.  I’ve used their Top Ride with success, but never spent the time to use their other cool products.

These videos were a big help. And since many of the product names included good ol’ Idaho names, they must be good.

Check out their line of environmentally friendly products for  the fly Fisherman.

Top Ride

Snake River Mud

Payette Paste

Gel Floatants

Henry’s Sinket

Fly Spritz

Easy Dry

Deep Soft Weight

Blue Ribbon

Bio Strike

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One Response to “Look What is ‘Loon’ing”

  1. Steve Z Says:

    I’ve found the Snake River Mud and the Henrys Sinket to be two products worth having if you fish small nymphs. For Hopper-Dropper combos as well as nymphing. Well worth the money.


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