Weber River Report

November 27, 2012

Fly Fishing Utah, Weber River

fly fishing the Weber River

Last week I fished the Weber River.  I had received a few reports from friends and looked online for some additional info.  The weather was great, sunny and it was a high of around 50.  I don’t really fish the Weber very often so I don’t claim to be even close to an expert on that water but I will still give you my insight on how the river is fishing.  The first spot I fished was just above Echo reservoir where I am sure a ton of people like to fish.  The water was low and off color a bit.  The bottom of the river was very dirty with silt.  I though it was strange how dirty it was, every time I took a step it would cloud up the water below me.   Again, I don’t fish that section much so the way the river is in this section could be par for the course but regardless I though it was strange.  I started with streamers and fished that way for 3 hours and had one fish, that I could see, go after my streamer.  I landed the one fish I saw then decided to move to another spot.  I drove down the canyon a bit and pulled off at Taggarts restaurant.  There were a lot of cars so I drove back up the canyon on the frontage road for a few minutes, saw a spot and pulled over.  I stumbled on to a run that held about 50 fish.  Most of the fish were just hanging out and a few were spawning.   I threw everything I had at them and only landed around 5 in an hour.  I am not saying this to make me feel better about not catching a lot of them but some times this time of year fish just are not interested at all in eating which can make for a frustrating day especially when you are sight fishing.  Overall the day was great and the fish were there I just wanted to land more.

overall report:

Water above Echo is cloudy and fishing wasn’t that great.  Below Echo water is clear, low and fish are stacked up.  Use glow bugs, eggs and or bright color flies.  Try to go as light as you can maybe 5 or 6x with no indicator. No indicator can be really effective when sight fishing, this will help with some of those very picky fish.

There are still some spawning fish so keep your eyes open for those and stay off the reds.



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