Snowing = Good Fishing

November 13, 2012


fly fishing in a snow storm

There is something special about being on the river when it is snowing huge flakes, no wind, snow is covering everything and no one on the river.  I was talking with someone last week about how good the fishing can be when it is snowing.  Now, what I mean when snowing is not the blizzard type snow storm it is the snow storm that Utah experienced last weekend.  When it is snowing the huge flakes with little to no wind there are few things that you have in your favor as a fly fisherman.

  • Most the time the temperature is a bit warmer than normal due to the cloud cover (this can trigger a hatch of some sort and or get the fish more active)
  • With the flakes hitting the water that can get the trout more active
  • The fish will not be able to see you as well with the snow and cloud cover (better cover for you)
  • I personally feel I have had surreal moments on the river during these storms ( it can be some of the most beautiful times to be outdoors)
  • Most of the times I have been able to fish during the snow I have really seen anyone on the river and that always adds to the fun and advantage

Next time plan ahead and get on the water during a huge snow fall, you will notice how special it is and how good the fishing can be.


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  1. Goose Says:

    Great write up! Can’t wait for my move to Montana to get in on some great snow weather fishing! Tight lines.


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