Bucket List #11 – Monster Tarpon in Isla Holbox

Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Destination Tarpon always comes to my mind when old man river rears his ugly head.  I know as the white snow blankets the rocky mountains the tarpon down south start to get rowdy!

I have never fished for Tarpon in Florida which I totally understand is nearly criminal and I do vow that I will one day experience that awesomeness!

I have however fished some awesome spots for Tarpon.  The Caribbean side of Costa Rica at Parismina and Isla Holbox in Mexico.

The focus of this bucket list is Isla Holbox Mexico;  Where large tarpon reside.




Isla Holbox is an island situated about a 30 min ferry ride off the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is about a 4 hour car ride from Cancun Mexico.  The Island has no motorized vehicles except golf carts.   It is filled with white sandy beaches, authentic food, and flamingos.





The fishing is quite diverse.  Within the confines of the island and Yucatan coast lie rivers filled with baby tarpon.  The flats around the island boast barracuda, Jacks, baby tarpon, and in some places permit.  As you venture off shore you’ll pass quite a few tourist boats heading out witness one of Holbox’s greatest attractions, the Whale Shark.  As you get passed the Whale Sharkers, you will find Giant Tarpon rolling in the deep.

I’ve personally only fished Holbox once.  My experience was awesome.  Mother Nature proved difficult that week for chasing the biggies, but we did have 2 nice tarpon landed that week (80 and 100 pounders).  The best times to experience Holbox for Giant Tarpon is June and July.  I’ve had friends that have caught 150 + lb tarpon in Holbox, so I’ve seen picture to know they can be caught there.  There are quite a few guiding services in Holbox, but if you want to do it right contact Mr. Sandflea at the Holbox Tarpon Club.

If you are planning a trip to chase giant silvers this next year consider adding Isla Holbox to your bucket list!!



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