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October 4, 2012

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After a highly anticipated release, Blue Halo has announced the launch of it’s new website and totally awesome products!  With the stuff these guys are kicking out, it’s bound to be a game changer!

Here is a press release that we picked up wanted to share with Frenzy Nation,

“Hey Guys,


We, as fellow obsessed fly fishermen want to introduce you to our fresh take on rods and reels.  Introducing for the first time in the history of the world (enter trumpet sounds)… Blue Halo.


I think we can all agree that we live for fishing, and we all have different ideas of why we buy certain gear.  We designed our products to get the attention of the gear-heads that want the ability to open a can of whoop ass on whatever it is that they are fishing, and while they are opening that can, they will look really good doing it.  We have dope colors that will make your grandpa turn over in his grave.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of money to throw down on a new reel, because we’ve got one for you.  If you do want the cream of the crop… well, we have one of those for you too.


I don’t know how many colors are visible in a rainbow, but Blue Halo has a more diverse color range in fiberglass rods than anybody else on the business, with more on the way very soon. Don’t get us wrong, we still have traditional roots but with some of our rods we have added an innovative flare. We want to eliminate the 2-3 month wait time that can sometimes be associated with buying a blank.   You see a color that you want… we will have it.  No more waiting for months, now you only have to wait a couple of days to start building.


Come check us out on our website Blue Halo.  We are also on Facebook under Blue Halo.


Did I mention that we like to fish?  Well if I didn’t mention that, the answer is yes!


Thank you for your time, now spread the word.  We will personally give each person one thousand dollars if they like our Facebook page (not really, but we could offer you one thousand doll hairs).”

Check out these reels and rod blanks!






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