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August 28, 2012

Casting 4 A Cure

I learned a hard lesson over the weekend while fishing On the South Fork of the Snake River.  We we fortune it enough to participate in a charity fly fishing tournament for Casting 4 A Cure last Friday and Saturday.  Ever year we try and raise money for this great group.  We have been able to donate thousands of dollars to help the cause and also for 4 years in a row been invited to fish in their tournament.  Everything we do over the two days is for a great cause but during the tournament I still can’t help get my competition blood flowing.  You fish two days and add up 4 of your biggest fish each day and total inches wins.  You have two man teams and so our strategy was that I would fish streamers all day for the two days to go for the big fish and Aaron would fish all types of methods so we could have fish boated and get inches on the board.  We did well and landed some good fish over the two days, nothing that put us in the top but we fished hard and great time.

The lesson I learned over the two days is sometimes you can do all the right things and you just don’t catch fish.  I pounded the banks of that river with streamers putting casts in tight, hitting behind perfect structure and allowing my flies to have great action and only landed 4 fish.  The 4 fish we awesome fish, nothing of great size but were satisfying because I worked so hard to land them.  The conditions were not in our favor for streamer fishing with warm bright summer days so I knew I had that going against me but never the less I though I would have more success.   After we got off the river the second day I went over the day in my mind wondering what I did wrong and really came to the conclusion that I really didn’t do anything wrong.  It was even more frustrating that I turned about 40+ fish, some would miss the fly, others would chase it and some I hooked just could get them in the boat.  But again days like I had teach me tough lessons, good lessons, even though very frustrating at the time.

Back to the most important issue of the weekend, Casting 4 A Cure.  I don’t know how much money was raised but there were many generous people that gave a lot of money to find a cure.  Here are some words from Bill Farnum:

Hello all, I wanted to shoot everyone a HUGE thanks to all of you from all of us here at Casting 4 A Cure for the time and support you devoted to our cause this past weekend.  It was an incredible showing of generosity from all involved, and we are truly blessed to have you on our side in the fight against Rett Syndrome.  I have not been yet able to tally the final net donations, but I am sure that we have made a serious dent in helping to fund the clinical trials.

Here are some pics from the trip.

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