Tiger Trout gets Rowdy

August 6, 2012


This was one of the craziest things I have ever seen.  Randy Garn caught a small Brook Trout and then out of  nowhere a big Tiger Trout attacked the small Brookie.   Watch it in the full screen mode to get the full effect.

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3 Responses to “Tiger Trout gets Rowdy”

  1. Jared Winkler Says:

    Thats Rad! You have any photos of the two fish?


  2. dereks Says:

    Dang thats exciting! I’ve never seen anything like it


  3. Nolan Minor Says:

    Wow, thats amazing! I was lucky enough to catch a small 9″ tiger trout accidentally bred in the coursey springs fish hatchery here in central virginia, but this one is a trophy! One time I had a 7lb largemouth eat a 5″ sunfish I was reeling in and somehow the #10 hook found its way into the bass’s mouth, and I landed it, much like what happened in this situation, good video! Check out my blog everythingthatswims.blogspot.com if you get a chance, thanks!


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