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June 28, 2012

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Everyone has their favorite weapon when out on the water.  Matter of fact, it seems like some of the big boys are constantly one upping the other with a high end fly fishing rod.  From the Orvis Helios (awesome rod) to Sage’s claim that they have the ONE, we see a lot of variety when equipping ourselves for the passion of fly fishing.

The more I fly fish, the more I am starting to pay attention to the little things that make that rod special.

I was a Scott guy early on, and still have a sweet G-2 4wt I love taking on my white water trips.  I then found some custom rod companies that made just some unbelievable custom rods from Scandalous Sticks and NW BigFin.  Both are awesome rods that I use all the time. I have a Sage Z Axis that I also like to toss.

Recently, we had some Imago Rods shipped to us to take on our annual fly fishing frenzy and I have to say I was very impressed.   I hadn’t heard of Imago 2 months prior to our frenzy, and wasn’t sure what to expect.  Soon after getting the rod in my hand I was hooked.



There are a lot of things that make rods great.  And I am always interested to hear other anglers opinions and thoughts on what they feel makes the best rod out there.  Here are a few things that really impressed me about the Imago Fly Fishing Rod.

  • Weight.  I don’t know the exact weight of the 5 wt Imago rod I was tossing, but the weight to power ratio was awesome.  It felt extremely light in my hand, but very powerful when casting.  I believe they call it swing weight, and Imago but the Ger in Swinger Baby! :)
  • Craftsmanship.  Ultimately, how does the rod feel in your hand?  With the Imago rod, the rod seat was classy, the grip felt molded to my hand, and the guides were smooth like butter.  Also, they have that little hookie thingie where you but your fly once done fishing facing upward to facilitate the hook to rod after fishing.
  • Performance.  This is probably most important to fly fisherman.  I really liked the performance of the Imago Rod.  We were hucking some serious meat most the time and sometimes 2 streamers and I felt the Imago rod allowed great accuracy in less desirable weather conditions.  It was able to cast accurate at long distances.  It loaded smoothly and released with ease.  We tested it pretty good on the Madison River and for while I was thinking Big Hoss and I were just becoming better casters, but soon realized the rod had a lot to do with it.  Overall performance was fantastic.

There are a lot of things that go into making a great rod and there are plenty of rods I’ve never even tested.  I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’d love to hear your opinion on what rods you like and what makes them great!


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