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fly fishing flathead lake trip

This past weekend I was up in Montana, Flathead lake area for small little “Mancation” with some Montana friends.  We planned to visit a skeet shooting course in Polson, golf at the Mission Bay golf course and hit the lake for
Up by Flathead lake you have a few good options to choose from for river fishing.  Very close by you have the Jacque River, multiple forks of the Flathead River above the lake, Swan River, the main Flathead River out of the lake and many smaller lakes.  some boat time.  I packed all I needed for the trip along with all my fishing gear thinking that with any spare moment I would find some water and wet a line.  We had tentative plans to fish the Swan River but didn’t have anything written in stone due to how busy our weekend was.

There was a small creek that runs through the property were we stayed where I actually tossed in a line to see if there were any little eager trout but had not luck.  I also tossed a line into the lake from the dock also with no luck.  We decide that we would try to hit the Swan River on Sunday morning before our flight out of Missoula but those plans were foiled by some crazy events that I will leave for another post.  We ended up leave Flathead lake hours behind schedule and we knew we would miss our flight so we ended up driving straight back to Missoula and going to Rock Creek.  We had read some reports that it was fishing very hot, a lot of big bugs were hatching and from top to bottom it was great fishing.  We hit a few different areas of the river with not much luck but just being there on the river with the scenery and friends was enough for me.   We only fished for a couple hours but again, that river is one of kind, I would recommend to anyone that they need to experience the beauty of that canyon and river.  We ended up driving home on Monday and spot by the Beaverhead River for couple hours and had a blast.  We fished up close to the dam and then moved down a couple hundred yards fishing streamers and nymphs and landed some very nice fish.  The Beaverhead is fishing very well right now and there are guides that are saying it hasn’t fished this good in over 20 years.  Needless to say it was a great weekend with friends, fishing was awesome and we made some memories.  Final thought and or tip is that you never know when you can get time on the water so always bring your gear with you because like I tell my wife “there is always time to fish”.  Here are some pics from the trip.


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