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Fly Fishing Idaho

I love fly fishing Idaho this time of year.  The water levels are great.  Runoff has stopped and the weather is super nice.  The fact that the days are longer than they ever will be for the rest of the year makes fishing really early or really late possible as well.

Well, the last two weeks I’ve been able to get out a few mornings and evenings and fish the North and South Fork of the Snake River.  The North Fork has always been one of my favorite fisheries, and the South Fork always produces.

I’ve timed the fly fishing to satisfy all the different ways to rope fish.  Here is what I’ve found.

Early morning.  The browns like meat!  I fished the Henry’s Fork from 5am – 9am and one day I fished the south Fork from 4:30am – 9am and the meat-loving browns were hungry.  This isn’t always the case, but in the 2-3 instances I fished the different Forks, I caught the bigger meat eaters on the North Fork.








Mid morning to early afternoon:  I only fished this time period one Saturday midday.  I found that I got a few bumps on the meat set up, but nymphing was the weapon of choice.  The fish were smaller, bows were on the menu, and numbers increased, but it was still fun (as fly fishing always is) to rope some fish.








Late afternoon to evening:  The hatch is on!  I love the hatches this time of year.  The flies that worked the best were rusty spinners (which I only had one), parachute adams, and some various caddis flies.  This was a ton of fun!  We roped quite a few fish, but missed a bunch.  Rainbows were predominant.  We fished until the sky was dark and had action constantly.







If you get out at those times over the next 2-3 weeks make sure you are armed appropriately!

Here are some pics of the outings:


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