Big Fish Challenge

big fish challenge

A local river fishing competition put on by our good friend Brandon Pack called the BIG FISH CHALLENGE starts on the Provo River July 14.

The BIG FISH CHALLENGE is a catch-and-release fishing competition on Utah’s most premier fishing rivers to see which individual angler can catch the biggest trout in length. This competition is open to all artificial lure fishermen fly and conventional of all ages youth to adult. There are a total of four river fishing events. Three open class events held on the Provo, Green and Weber Rivers and one invitational event called the “Clash of the River Titans” held on the Green River.

Open Class Event Dates:

Provo River: July 14 (Sat), 2012
Green River: August 11 (Sat), 2012
Weber River: September 8 (Sat), 2012
(Each river is a separate competition)

Invitational Event:

The Top 10 fisherman fly and or conventional from the open class events above will be invited to an event called the “Clash of the River Titans” to see who is the real BIG FISH CHALLENGE champion. This event will be held on the Green River October 13.

All four events will be televised on “Hooked on Utah”. Hooked on Utah is a local Fishing and Outdoor Adventure show shown every Saturday night on KUTV2 at 11 pm.

For your registration fee you will receive the following:
– Chance of winning $2000 worth of products
– Big Fish Challenge Shirt
– Hendrix Outdoors Logo Hat

– Big Fish Challenge Car Sticker
– Dynamic Lure fishing Lanyard
– Drinks and Soda
– Dutch Oven Dinner
– Opportunity to be seen on television ‘Hooked on Utah’
– Door Prizes for the first competitors

There will be additional giveaways to be awarded after the competition.


Registration fee for the first event is $65. If you want to compete in any additional events then a $15 discount will be applied for the second event and a $30 discount for the third. Total charge for all three events will be $150.

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