Frenzy 2012 Goes Mainstreamer!

June 1, 2012

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Frenzy 2012

The 9th annual Fly Fishing Frenzy was a bit out of the ordinary, but some time ordinary leads to a freakin awesome frenzy!

First off, we were pretty low on numbers from where we are traditionally.  Dr. G and the counselor were MIA with previous obligations.   So, Big Hoss and Hancey made the trip up from Utah and met Jake and I on the Henry’s Fork for some streamer slinging.  The water was a bit high so we ventured a bit north and had an awesome time catching cutties near Island Park.  Even though we were light in numbers we were pumped to be fishing.  Besides, Yetter and Gary were coming up Friday; wait, no, coming Saturday very early; wait, more like late Saturday but we’re committed.  You see the trend there. :)

Secondly, the weather was throwing us a curve ball.  The prior week had been absolutely gorgeous and it was nice, but you could tell storms were a brewing.  We ended up camping the first two nights and that ended up being in the snow.  Who cares, it was cherry!  We camped at Cabin Creek in Montana and made that area our base for fishing the next 4 days.  We did splurge on a hotel the last 2 nights.

Thirdly, we found out that you can really bring out the color in the pics when you instagram those babies.   So I just kept my phone on hand and snapped photo after photo for some cool shots.  We also came up with some creative hashtags that are bound to go viral.  All I know is that #imnotbutifiwasidletyouhitit!

Lastly, we have traditionally fished with dries or nymphs and some streamer action, but this year we were all out streamer nuts.  You usually sacrifice numbers when you do that but the reward can be awesome! We were sent some unreal rods by Imago Fly Fishing and those rods cast like a dream.  Look for an upcoming post with more details.

We did hit our favorite places to eat like the Beartooth BBQ and hit a sweet brunch at the Campfire Lodge right on the Madison river.  Pizza at the Gusher was off the hook.  Plus we kept a solid stash of zingers and monster on double tap!!

Well here is our frenzy 2012 through pics!


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  1. Jerry Garn Says:

    Great Stuff Fellas! Looks Like a Sweet Frenzy


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