Fly Fishing Idaho


I made a quick trip last Saturday down some property on the Bear River south of Soda Springs, Idaho to do some fly fishing for carp.  This spot has some of the best carp fishing I’ve seen in southeast Idaho.

To my surprise as I arrived I saw some fisherman on the other side of the river and asked them how they were doing.  They said that they had caught a few carp and also caught a 20 in brown trout!  That is the first time I’ve seen someone catch a trout out of that section of the Bear River.  I probably wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t show me the picture on his phone of the fish.  I asked him what he was used and he said worms. :)

That got me even more excited so we got our carp on.

We did a lot of exploring and in the few hours we were there landed some nice carp.  They are fun fish on a fly rod.  The water was a bit murky and I hear it might be prime this weekend.  Means I might be going! :)

The only camera I had was my phone, but once you plug those pictures into Instagram, it makes those photos look even sweeter.

Here are a few pics of the outing:

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