Reporting for Duty!

May 3, 2012


Idaho Fly Fishing Report

The weather has started to turn warmer (kind of) the last few weeks and so has the fishing.  There is some areas of runoff as expected, but if you know where to go there is some great fishing to be had.

Let’s jump right in to our Idaho Fly Fishing Report:

Henry’s Fork of the Snake River

  • For most places the Henry’s Fork is flowing high.  The Box Canyon has seen some larger fish taken with stonefly nymphs or streamers.  Streamers have seen the most success with low light.  I’ve also had reports of stonefly nymphs and having success around Vernon Bridge and Chester backwaters.
  • The Lower Henry’s Fork is still muddy and flowing high.
  • Warm River to Ashton has had some success with Stonefly nymphs as well.




Photo courtesy of Marc Crapo.


South Fork of the Snake River

  • Near Palisades Dam has seen lots of success with glo bugs.  The river has dropped to 9,000 CFS.
  • The rest of the river has had its moments and most people have seen success below the dam on rubber legs, bead headed nymphs, and glo bugs.
  • Not much action on streamers.  If there is some it is olive and black color.




Falls River

  • Runoff!!!





5 Responses to “Reporting for Duty!”

  1. the river damsel Says:

    Thanks! Heading to the Warm River in two weeks…thanks for the report!


    CharlesEllsworth Reply:

    I’m fishing the Warm tomorrow. I’ll give you a report, damsel.


    Chubbs Reply:

    Awesome. Good luck.


    Jeff Reply:

    Just fished the warm today and yesterday. Caught a ton of stuff in the campgrounds, but caught nothing at the mouth.


    Chubbs Reply:


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