Lower and Middle Provo River Fishing Report

fly fishing BWO's provo riverSpring is coming to an end even though the weather is trying to keep it here.  We have had a up and down weather pattern over the last few weeks which is typical for spring in Utah.  There have been great reports of awesome BWO hatched on the Lower Provo.  Hatches are coming off depending on the day and weather but usually between 11 to 3pm.  Most anglers report fair to good success nymphing pheasantails, sow bugs and hares ears before the dries start coming off.  With the wind and changing weather try using a BWO soft hackle nymph, emerger or adult.  Water flows out of Deer Creek are running at 273 cfs which is a good pre runoff flow.  There have been no reports of off color water on the lower.  I am sure with rain you might experience some areas being off color so use some brighter color nymphs in those situations.  Moving into May and June BWO’s will taper off and we will move into some possible drake and PMD hatches.  PMD hatches will become increasingly better into July.   Remember to stay safe with the water levels increasing.

The Middle Provo River is reporting similar activity.  BWO hatches are being seen in different sections of the river.  For some reason not all sections of the river see the same big BWO hatches on the middle section.  With Deer Creek being so high the bridge at Charleston is not fishable or tough fishing for Fly anglers, for the best success it is best to move up river.  Great success has been reported at the seuyactions closer to the dam.  Anglers are seeing hatches coming off  between 11 to 3pm.  Still look for Midges in the morning moving to BWO’s late morning and early afternoon.  Nymphing is always your best bet pre hatch using emerging patterns and dark may fly nymphs.  Flows at River Road Bridge are at 135 cfs which is an awesome level for this time of year.  This flow will no doubt be going up within the next few weeks so get out and fish the lower levels now.  We hope to see a great Drake hatch on the middle this year.  Late May and June look for Green Drakes.   Year to year the hatch is fickle but the conditions this year lend to a good Drake hatch.

Here is an older video during a BWO hatch on the lower provo river.


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  1. RMO Says:

    “Nymphing is always your best bet pre hatch using emerging patterns and dark may fly nymphs.”
    Some of my favorites are the Juju baetis, Camden’s Baetis, and the beloved SOS.
    Thanks for the report.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    those are some good patterns.


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