Imago Fly Fishing

Imago Fly Fishing

I was watching a couple of productions from Gin Clear Media yesterday and came across this pretty sweet company called Imago Fly Fishing in their videos.  The places they were traveling, what they were fishing for, and especially the gear they were using really caught my attention.

Well as fate would have it, I had just posted a goofy pic of my weak stache on twitter and got a response from Imago saying I should let the stache break free.  Total coincidence.

Since that moment I’ve been drooling over their gear and watching their sweet videos.

These guys are serious about what they do and their philosophy is right in line with those that love to fish,

Born out of a passionate group of troutbums and professional guides, Imago came to be in the spring 2007. Attributes such as the very best quality, innovations for practical usage and delicate design were set as guidance in the development of the product line. In Autumn 2008, the Amphibian line was introduced to the market after 1.5 years of product testing. The rest is as they say – history.

The long testing time before launching a product is perhaps not how you make quick money, but then again that’s not why we entered this business. Our vision is to offer flyfishers around the planet the option to enjoy equipment that will last longer and perform according to the high level set by the founders’ and the Pro Staff. A flyfisher that experience that kind of a product will return to replace other products as well, an already well-known fact at our retailers.

Their product lines range from rod/reels to jacket/waders/boots to exploratory water craft, and they look amazing.

Look for some serious product reviews for our upcoming Annual Fly Fishing Frenzy coming the end of May!










For now feast your eyes on some cool vids and products from Gin Clear and Imago.

This is their latest video:

And some rod testing fly fishing Rock Creek in Montana.

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