Connecting with a Long ‘Big Lost’ Friend

Fly Fishing Idaho

I fly fished the Big Lost River in Idaho about 13 years ago below the Mackay Reservoir dam and shame on me for only fishing it once.  Maybe it’s because I’m constantly tempted to fly fish the closer rivers here in  Idaho like The South Fork or Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Teton River, Falls River, or local creeks.  Regardless, I’m reminded about all the great rivers that are available to fly fish in this great state of Idaho.

The reason this was brought to my mind was that my buddy Lucas took his 12 year old son fly fishing the Big Lost river about a week ago and said it was pretty unbelievable.  Of course, this took me back to my lone experience and the quick desire to return.

Here is some quick facts of the Big Lost River:

  • The Big Lost River has two sections with trout populations. The headwaters above
    Mackay Reservoir and the tailwater below the reservoir.
  • The river is located near the Sun Valley area with the tailwater
    located off highway #93 near Mackay, Idaho.
  • Although the tailwater is not large, the Big Lost River is known for large trout populations.
  • The Upper Big Lost has some amazing scenery.
  • There are fantastic hatches that occur on the Big Lost throughout the summer.
  • It is best fished from July to October with some winter fishing in March.

Here is a short video of my friend recent trip with his son.  It is a bit shaky when operated by the son, but to have a 12 year old excited to be fly fishing and filming the experience is what we need more of.

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5 Responses to “Connecting with a Long ‘Big Lost’ Friend”

  1. mike doughty Says:

    it’s a nice little stream that i’ve fished twice a couple of years ago, also below mackay dam but it was a smaller fish for me. fun though


    Chubbs Reply:

    It is a great river that really isn’t that well known.


  2. Lucas Ingram Says:

    Thanks for posting this. It was a truly magical day. Pax had three really big fish go airborn and snap him off on the landing. He will remember that forever.

    I watch this often because the music is very soothing :)



    Chubbs Reply:

    You bet! It is always awesome to see dad and their boys fishing!


  3. David Cooper Says:

    SSSHHH about this one. Been in the family for 50 years now. I know that water better than any water.


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