Casting From the Rooftop of the World

April 13, 2012

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Dream Destinations

This amazing world offers so many awesome places to cast a fly rod.  It is overwhelming to think of all the places you might be able to wrangle some crazy fish.

I’ve read quite a few articles on some dream destinations that have rarely been fished, but nothing that might be as rare as Nepal.  I’ve always imagined it has some great fishing, but I’ve never heard of anyone that has fished it nor seen publications about it.  A while back I wrote an article about the Top 10 most Mystical Fish to catch on a Fly Rod and had some awesome responses.  One in particular was from a gentleman named Arun Rana.  He had commented on my #1 fish the Golden Mahseer, stating that not only are they found in Northern India, but also caught in Nepal.   I asked him about other fishing in Nepal and here was his response,

I’ve just submitted an article from our recent trip to the Babai, which will hopefully be published in the next issue of ‘The Nepali Times’, a national weekly newspaper. You can also check out ‘Fishermen’s Corner’ which I set up on FB where we have been posting our catch and news on fishing. The Koshi River, Tamur River, Arun River, and the Mahakali River (Kali River in India) are all good for Mahseer fishing, but the Babai River which flows through the Bardia National Park is the best spot at the moment. You can contact Premi at the Bardia Jungle Cottage at:
to organize a trip on the Babai River. The rivers and streams in the remote mountain districts also still offer good fishing for Schizothorax species, which can grow to 5 kg+ and the copper mahseer (Neolissochilus hexagonolepis) which can grow to 10 kg+. We also have a catfish called the ‘Goonch’ (Bagarius yarelli) which can grow to 200kg but not sure you can catch them on the fly!”

I’d never even heard of those Rivers or Copper Mahseer and had to look up the fact that Schizothorax species are commonly called ‘snow trout’.  I’ve seen episodes on River Monsters about The Goonch, but I assume you’d have to use a human fly to catch those monsters!

So now I’m really intrigued!  I’d like to know if anyone has ever fished Nepal.  Please share if you have and I’ll send you a frenzy sticker!


Here is a little video of a group in Eastern Nepal catching Golden Mahseer.

And some pics:

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  1. Stephen Knoble Says:

    Planning on a trip to the Babai (with Arun) in 2 weeks. Will let you know how it is. Have lived in Nepal for 15 years but this is the first trip for the Golden Mahseer. Have fly fished other rivers here without much success… it doesn’t help when most of the villagers fish with poison, dynamite or batteries.


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